Sunday, September 12, 2010

CHOtastic Chobani review

I received an awesome complimentary assortment of Chobani Greek Yogurt to review awhile back :-).  Here are some of the flavors:


Raspberry: 10 of 10!  It was everything I hoped for!  I LOVE raspberries and the raspberry flavor of this yogurt was quite prominent.  It was great with walnuts mixed in too :-).

100_4440 100_4442

Pineapple: 9.5 of 10.  I enjoyed the pieces of pineapple.  They weren’t soft and mushy, but rather substantial.  I’ll admit I was hesitant though because I’ve been scarred by the canned pineapple served with my school lunches in grade school :-(.


Pomegranate: 10 of 10.  The pomegranate seeds added a great crunch and burst of flavor.  Loved how thick an creamy the yogurt was – so delicious!


Blueberry: 10 of 10.  A very strong and fresh flavor.  0% fat and oh, so good!


Strawberry Banana: 10 of 10.  I’m not normally a fan of strawberry banana flavors, but somehow Chobani pulled it off for me.  Maybe the 2% yogurt base made it more rich?  The strawberry pieces were great too!


Vanilla: 9 of 10.  A deep, hearty vanilla flavor, but it seemed kind of weird to me.  Maybe it was too tart.  It was still good, but not as amazing as the other flavors.


0% plain: 9.5 of 10.  Tart, thick, and smooth.  Very substantial and a lot of protein for only 100 calories.  Nuts are a great topper too :-).


2% plain: 10 of 10.  Less tart and richer than the 0%.  It was almost like sour cream in that is was sooo creamy.  Perfect in my cantaloupe bowl :-).

I’ve still got a few more to review, but so far my impression is very positive.  The high scores are my honest opinion.  I couldn’t find much to complain about.  Chobani makes quality Greek yogurt!  I guess my one suggestion would be for them to add more calcium and Vitamin D to their yogurt. 

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  1. Lucky! I have been a big fan of Chobani fan for a few months now, and I'm glad to see that you enjoyed the samples you received. So creamy and good!

  2. Yum -- Yes, I have tried Chobani before, it's fabulous! I had heard that Greek yogurt is so much more delicious, so I tried it. And it's the truth, it is much better than regular yogurt. One caveat: the price. It's more expensive but, as my mother used to say, "You get what you pay for!"
    Best regards,

  3. Gotta love CHO!! So glad when it arrived in small town Iowa at our local HyVee! It can be pricey, but Chobani often has coupons available via their website. Our local HyVee is currently running a special- 4 for $5. Hey, every little bit helps when you're addicted to CHO! :-) Great review and pics!

  4. I LOVE Greek yogurt! I've been making my own, but when I run out I usually buy Chobani. Blueberry and pineapple are my favorites! (with walnuts, extra blueberries and oats!)


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