Saturday, February 16, 2013

Wholesome Meal Snack Bites Review and Giveaway

Do you snack? Do you ever eat breakfast on the go? Then I have a great product to share with you today: Wholesome Meal Snack Bites! Snack Bites are "nutritious balls of organic nut butter with a one of a kind packaging that’s super healthy and great for on the go." They are made from organic and all-natural, gluten free ingredients with top shelf Non-GMO proteins, and they come in 5 great flavors (Peanut Butter, Vegan Cran Almond, Nutty Monkey, Chia Chocolate, and Sunny Honey).

Nutty Monkey: 9 of 10. These were a bit dry, but they miraculously held together and melted in my mouth. They were chewy and crunchy with rice crisps, nuts and a great peanut taste. They were actually fairly sweet for having so little sugar. I love the cute container too!

Chia Chocolate: 10 of 10! What a delicious and fabulous, rich chocolate flavor. I'd take this over a chocolate kiss! The crunch is great, and it is so pretty with chia seeds speckled in. Absolutely delightful!

Sunny Honey: 9.5 of 10. These are very rich with a sweet tangerine and honey flavor. These were smoother and creamier than other flavors, but still had the crunchy rice crisps inside.

Vegan Cran Almond: 9 of 10. These were a bit dry, but sweet with crunchy crisps and tasty cranberry pieces.

Peanut Butter: 9 of 10. I enjoyed the peanut butter taste and the other flavor that I couldn't quite figure out. It was strong and I liked it though. These were a bit dry as well, but still held together and the organic rice crisps added a satisfying crunch.

Aren't these snack bites cute?! Would you like to try them for yourself? You can purchase them online here! You can also enter a 5-pack giveaway below!

Snack Bites Giveaway

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