Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Vibram FiveFingers!!

I've got a pair of Vibram FiveFingers!! I've wanted a pair since this past spring, and I was finally able to find a store with them in stock so I could get sized and determine which style I'd like.  I chose the TrekSport that you can see below:

Aren't they gorgeous?!  So far I've only worn them walking, but I'm looking forward to running in them too :-). 

How about some more pictures of Champaign, IL.  Here we go:

Brick streets: beautiful, but not all that fun to bike or drive on.

Some plant pictures :-).

More reviews and recipes to come, but alas, the life of a grad student is crazy!



  1. Those shoes look SO comfortable! I kind of want to wear them around my house. ;-)

    And Champaign looks SO beautiful! I can’t even imagine how gorgeous it will be in the fall…

  2. Five fingers are the rave right now. Im glad you are enjoying them!

  3. I've been seeing these shoes around a lot lately! Must be the new thing...hope you enjoy them!

  4. I am right there with you. Being in grad school is so much more time consuming than I thought. Keep up the good work though...and I loved seeing those shoes on you!

  5. Awesome shoes!!! No doubt vibram five finger shoes is comfortable and flexible on foot. I tested it many times and I was amazed to its performance. This is a great running shoes.


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