Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sweet Potatoes are the Best!

Yes, I love sweet potatoes!  They are so delicious and healthy too.  Personally, I like them peeled, chopped, and zapped in the microwave.  I know you can use them in much more fancy ways, but I truly enjoy plain 'ol sweet potatoes.  Two of my recent meals included sweet potatoes:

Peach Chobani oatgurt with sweet potatoes

Sliced apple and peanut butter on Earth Grains 100% whole wheat thin buns with sweet potatoes and milk

A late night snack of frozen banana, almond milk and crushed walnuts - yum!

Tonight I went on a 3 mile run near my house.  It was overcast, breezy, and in the low 70s - Perfect!  I also had my iPod with me, which always helps. 

I also just finished reading The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver.  It is an amazing story told from the perspective of a minister's wife and his four daughters.  You can read more about the plot on Wikipedia here.  It's another book I highly recommend as it will broaden your perspectives, to say the least.

Well, this was a short post, but I'll have more soon!



  1. ok this may be random, but is that the 'Kool-Aid' cup that your milk is in? because i totally still have one of those LOL

  2. You just gave me a great idea...sweet potato smoothie!!!

  3. I LOVE sweet potatoes! I know it sounds gross, but I saw on a few blogs where they added almond butter (or PB) on top of them. OMG. It is so, so good! Like dessert for dinner. :-)

  4. yes, that is a the 'Kool-Aid' cup ;-)

  5. i feel you girl! i nuked my sp all the time. baking takes too long. haha. if i'm going to roast veggies for my whole meal, then yes. but otherwise, ya, nuking it in the microwave is the way to go!

  6. I could eat sweet potatoes any time of day!!

    And yes, that running weather sounds perfect. I was silly and went yesterday when it was in the 80s, and really hot and humid. I'd love to trade weather with you ;) lol


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