Sunday, March 30, 2014

U-Bake OATOMIC Energy Bar Review

Greetings my friends! April is almost here, and I am very much looking forward to heading outside more often and getting in some long bike rides. On my longer rides, I like to bring a snack to keep up my energy levels. I have recently found a new product that would work great for such a snack!

Lockhart Fine Foods has created a new product: the U-Bake OATOMIC™ Energy Bar. You purchase the dough (packaged in pre-portioned layers) and bake it at home. You can then easily bake a fresh, healthy snack at any time! Each 1.7 oz bar is loaded with oats, raisins, pecans, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and ground flaxseed, and sweetened naturally with applesauce and evaporated cane juice. These tasty bars are high in Omega-3's, low in sodium and free of refined sugars and preservatives. What a cool concept!

9.5 of 10! These sweet oat bars are light and airy, yet quite satisfying. I loved the crunchy nuts and dried fruit pieces. I was surprised at how flavorful they were too! Yum! They are also super easy to make and taste even better warm out of the oven. I definitely recommend these to anyone who likes energy bars and wants to try something new. You won't be disappointed!

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