Friday, February 26, 2010

YouBar Review and a Deal for You

Before my review, I'd like to share a snow picture I recently took, since that is still the most prominent feature of the Iowa landscape now :-).

So I've got a few reviews to catch up on :-).  Joel from YouBar generously offered to send me a few samples of their bars, trail mixes, and shake mixes to sample and review for my blog.  I'll review the YouTrailMixes first since they were my favorite!

Here's a little information about YouTrailMixes.  You get to "design your own custom trail mix perfectly tailored to your personal taste and nutritional needs.  With over 40 ingredients to choose from you are bound to find your perfect custom trail mix combination.  Each customized trail mix is handmade and guaranteed delicious. Pick your own perfect trail mix today!" 

Sounds great doesn't it?!  Who wouldn't want to make their own personalized trail mix?  And you can visit their site here:

Now on to the reviews....

Chocolate Peanut

I give this mix an 8.5 of 10.  The best part of it was the freshness - all the ingredients were fresh and crisp!  I especially loved the dark chocolate covered raisens :-).  The apple bits were quite soft, chewy, and flavorful, but some were really tiny and crumb-like, which was a tad annoying.
Chocolate Trails

This mix gets a 9 of 10.  The cheeries were amazingly sweet and tart.  And again, all the ingredients were quite fresh.
The Best Trail Mix

This mix gets a 9 of 10.  Their M&M-like sun drops were pretty cool, with a uniquely sweetened outside and a great chocolate inside.  I did wonder why the berries in this mix were sweetened though, for I didn't think that was necessary considering how sweet the others were just by themselves.  Overall, a good experience!

And here's the Deal for You!  If you head over to and use my code “FoodFotos” you will receive a 5% discount on your order.  So if you're thinking you'd like to try them out, now would be a good time ;-).

And don't forget my Zevia giveaway.  It ends March 2, 2010.

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  1. Wow! This is an awesome company! Thanks for featuring their products...I'll have to try them out sometime : )

  2. Make your own trail mix? Cool!!

  3. What a clever idea! This would make a fantastic prize at a 5k race, or even handout for a health fair (I'm thinking about my wellness business here...haha). As far as making my own trail mix, however, I'd rather just do it myself at home, for cheaper! Yeah, I'm cheap, what can I say? It's a cute idea though, and I may have to check out this company for future health events we plan!

  4. Thet train mix looks absolutely fabulous!!! Yum!

  5. great idea to make your own trail mix, no snow in NC right now thanks for stopping by my blog Rebecca


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