Monday, February 3, 2014

ePantry Household Products Review!

Greetings my fellow readers!

Today I am going to share my review of ePantry with you. ePantry is a new service that helps busy people get high-quality, sustainable cleaning products delivered to their door on a regular basis, for less than what the grocery store charges. Their goal is to give you more time to spend on important stuff, rather than worrying about running to the store for more laundry detergent.

They have a great selection of quality, environmentally friendly products to choose from, and you must admit that there are few things better than having what you need delivered to your door... especially in the middle of one of the harshest winters in years.

Below are the products I was sent for my complimentary first order. As you can see, they have quite the variety.

I was very happy with all of these products, but my favorite was the Mrs. Meyer's liquid hand soap (closely followed by the Mrs. Meyer's soy candle). This was a new-to-me product, and I think it seems like common sense to clean yourself with a product like this made of natural ingredients and essential oils. That's what I call self-care... and caring for the environment at the same time.

Drum roll please.... You're all in for a treat! Just use the code: foodfotosandfun when making your first order and you'll receive 20% off your 1st order AND free shipping until 2015. Why not give ePantry a try? It's hard to go wrong with a discount and free shipping on quality products.

Enjoy ePantry! They're "making it easy to keep your home, family and our world clean."

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