Sunday, August 12, 2012

KRAVE Jerky Review

KRAVE Jerky is "jerky elevated – no longer must consumers settle for tough, chemically-processed products, but instead can turn to a flavorful, artisanal snack crafted with care and made using only high-quality ingredients." Doesn't this sound good?!

KRAVE is all-natural and comes in some very tasty flavors: basil citrus and lemon garlic (turkey); chili lime, curry, garlic chili pepper and pineapple orange (beef); and smoky grilled teriyaki (pork).

Now that I have graduated from school and work an 8-5 job, I can use quick, healthy snacks. KRAVE Jerky sounds like a good option. You can see a snackfood comparison chart on their website.

KRAVE generously sent me some complimentary product samples to review for you. Below I will share my thoughts, which *spoilers* are very positive!

Chili Lime: 9 of 10. The jerky was chewy and moist, with a clear lime taste and a strong spicy chili flavor that kicked in just a tad after the initial bite. It was quite satisfying and hearty. This particular package was a tad crumbly, and my kitten very much enjoyed tasting a few of the small pieces.

Smoky Grilled Teriyaki: 9.5 of 10. Such a strong and rich flavor, and so sweet! It was delicious and savory, and the smoked flavor was amazing.

Sweet Chipotle: 9.5 of 10. Spicy and very flavorful and satisfying. It was a great treat - more than a simple snack.

Lemon Garlic: 8.5 of 10. This jerky had a mild flavor, but the combination of lemon and garlic went well together. I love the texture of this jerky too! The sweet and spicy combination also makes for a satisfying snack.

Basil Citrus: 9.5 of 10. Quite sweet and yet still spicy. I don't know how they do it. This flavor reminded me the most of a typical jerky flavor, though it was still a cut above. :-)

Overall, I would definitely recommend KRAVE Jerky. I was impressed by the quality, taste, and nutrition.

Stay tuned for a KRAVE GIVEAWAY and check out KRAVE on twitter too!

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