Saturday, July 16, 2011

So Delicious Frozen Dessert Review

Are we really half way through July already?!  Why must summer always pass by so quickly?  At least I've been enjoying it :-).  And what treat can be more perfect for summer than ice cream?  How about some Organic So Delicious Frozen Dessert!  So Delicious kindly sent me a couple product coupons so I could try and review their products.  The first product I chose to review was Organic So Delicious Dulce De Leche Frozen Dessert (made with soy milk).

First, here's a little background on So Delicious:

So Delicious® Dairy Free products were created by Turtle Mountain LLC, a privately held natural foods company.  They "create the finest dairy free products on the market using the best all natural ingredients obtainable, while monitoring the quality of our processes through every step until the product reaches the hands of our customers."

So Delicious Dulce De Leche: 10 of 10!  Yum!  I loved the caramel ribbon and the sweet caramel hint to the cream.  It was very rich and smooth, and I honestly could not tell that it wasn't dairy.  The nutrition facts are pretty good too, especially for such a rich, tasty treat!

I definitely recommend this product, especially if you are looking for a dairy free frozen dessert.  You can see all of the dairy free products they offer here!

Enjoy your weekend and stay cool!



  1. Hi Gigi! Thank you so much for the delicious review. We're delighted to hear you're enjoying our Dulce de Leche flavor! It sounds like the perfect way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month! Did you know about our endeavor to designate a National Dairy-free Ice Cream Day on the 4th Sunday of July? You can join us by signing our petition here: Thanks again!

  2. I need some cool eats right now. We are over 100 degrees! Thank you for sharing this cool treat, my friend. I'm hungry and wishing I could have THIS for dinner. Blessings and love from Austin!


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