Friday, March 11, 2011

Speed Vegan Cookbook Review

Hello!  Book Publishing Company is running a special campaign during March and April called, "Live Delicious - Eat Vegan."  They'll be giving away a free vegan cookbook both months, and you can enter here!

I was sent a complimentary review copy of Speed Vegan, and I'll share my thoughts on it with you.  I'll even share a recipe from it!

I was excited to receive this cookbook because it promises, "Quick, Easy Recipes with a Gourmet Twist."  The "quick and easy" part captured my attention :-).

The book outlines essential kitchen equipment for vegan cooking as well as vegan pantry staples.  Both of these sections are very helpful and descriptive!  Then the book jumps right into an assortment of recipes (with some colored photographs too!).  Reading through the recipes, I thought that most of them would be relatively simple and quick to make.  They do call for ingredients that you might not necessarily have around (unless you already have a kitchen stocked with the vegan pantry staples as outlined in the beginning of the book).  Still, perhaps my kitchen is more bare than most because I'm relatively new to apartment life and don't exactly have a large budget to work with as a graduate student.  There are definitely a number of recipes that I will be able to try out after getting a few extra staples from the store.

The first recipe I tried from this book was Aztec Hot Chocolate.  Here is the recipe and final product:

I've never tried hot chocolate with pepper and thought it added a nice little bite to the drink.  I'll admit that I used red hot pepper instead cayenne since I had that on hand and figured anything hot would work :-).  I also used honey in place of the agave nectar.  I absolutely love agave nectar, but usually go with honey becuase of the cost.  In the end, I was quite pleased with the drink :-).

So, if you're looking for a vegan cookbook with some easy, flavorful recipes with a "gourmet twist," I would recommend Speed VeganBook Publishing Company has a great assortment of vegan and vegetarian books.  Even though I'm not personally vegan (or vegetarian), I truly enjoy vegan and vegetarian cookbooks as I try to eat a more plant-based diet. 



  1. That looks so good!

    I love a cookbook that promises quick and easy. Those are my favorite adjectives when it comes to cooking.

  2. What a great cookbook. I am going to have to look into it (but I already have so many books!) Thank you for sharing this delicious drink. I'm thirsty now! I hope you have a blessed and peaceful day tomorrow. Hugs from Austin!


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