Saturday, February 26, 2011

CSN Stores Cuisinart Crockpot

I was recently given the opportunity to do a review for CSN Stores.  I used a $45 gift card they provided towards the purchase of a Cuisinart 3.5 Qt. Slow Cooker.  I really can't say enough about the great selection of products available at CSN Stores.  I love the site's organization, customer reviews, and free shipping on certain items.  Below is my lovely new slow cooker, or crockpot as I like to call it :-).

I was hoping to provide you with a picture of it in use, but it totally slipped my mind when I was cooking.  I used it to make a fairly large deer roast, and it turned out perfectly.  I love how this crockpot automatically switches to 'warm' after it's done cooking for the time you program it for.  I have one other crockpot, but it is smaller and doesn't have any bells and whistles like this one.  One of the reasons I chose this particular crockpot is that it is a Cuisinart.  I'm a big fan of Cuisinart because I also have a Cuisinart food processor, and it works like a dream :-).

Do any of you use a crockpot or slowcooker on a regular basis?  What do you cook with it?

I usually use mine for cooking roasts or soups, but I've also made Irish Oatmeal too :-).

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  1. I love my crockpot. I make so many tasty soups and stews! I also like making roasts I want to pull mine out and start thinking of what to make tomorrow night!


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