Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ryders Eyewear review

A new week and a new review for you :-).  This time I was sent a complimentary pair of sunglasses from Ryders eyewear.  They offer a great selection of sunglasses and even some goggles.  Here is the pair I was sent:

VTX sunglasses: 10 of 10!  These glasses are stylish, very comfortable, and they wrap around my eyes so as to eliminate any glare from the sun at my side.  The case is very sturdy, and the interchangeable lens mean that this can be my go-to pair of sunglasses for just about anything, but especially exercise such as running and biking where you really need some quality glasses that won't slip.

Guess what?!  One lucky reader will be winning a red pair of the VTX sunglasses like I received... but you'll have to stay tuned for the giveaway details :-).

I don't know about you all, but Illinois has been having some very unseasonably warm weather.  It was sunny and in the 70s today!  I went on a 1.5 hr. bike ride (with my VTX sunglasses of course) and thoroughly enjoyed myself. 

Have a great week everyone!



  1. Great shades! Unseasonably warm autumn weather rocks! Wish it would last 'til April- except for a couple inches of, dare I say it?!, snow on Christmas Eve to help out Santa & his reindeer! Ho! Ho! Ho! <:-D

  2. I need some new shades. Mine are old and broken :-( It is still warm and sunny here in Austin, and your bike ride sounds great! Thank you for sharing. I hope you have a beautiful day tomorrow!

  3. Ryders Eyewear offers a great performance, fit and look for ambitious bikers at a very reasonable price. I like that brand.



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