Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ryders Eyewear Giveaway Winner!

And the lucky winner of my Ryders Eyewear Giveaway is.... #6 according to the fabulous generator!  That means that meeyeehere will be sporting new VTX sunglasses soon :-).

Thank you so much to everyone else who entered the giveaway!  Don't worry if you didn't win, there will be more giveaways in the near future :-).

By the way, did any of you brave the crowds and go shopping on Black Friday?  I've done it before, but I was actually able to skip the madness this year and get some awesome deals online instead, such as this external hard drive from Walmart to backup all of my digital photos, music, and other files.

I'd love to write more now, but I've only got 2 weeks left in the semester and it's crunch time!  Thanksgiving break was nice, but I'm looking forward to my winter break even more. 


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