Sunday, August 1, 2010

SPIbelt Review

Before the reivew, I have to share some food fotos.  Here is an awesome food combination I recently discovered: cooked beats and cold cottage cheese!  Ok, it may not sound too spectacular, but I love it :-).  Here's a pic:

Don't knock it 'til you try it :-).

Some banana soft serve with homemade nut butter mixed in:

Yeah, it looks like a pile o' mud or something, but it's quite tasty with only 2 ingredients: frozen banana and nut butter.

Here's a wonderful shrimp salad with capers that I had a couple days ago.  It was fantastic!

Now for the SPIbelt review:

SPIbelt stands for Small Personal Item Belt.  They offer a variety of belts that you can see here.  I was sent a complimentary SPIbelt to review on my blog for you all.  This is the type I was sent, and here's a pic of the exact one I got in Pink Plaid (many more colors and patterns are available!):

10 of 10!  This is perfect to carry my cell phone and keys while I run or even walk.  Before I would tie my key to my shoe lace and just not carry my cell phone - I like this option much better :-).  Don't be deceived by how small the pouch looks - it expands and can easily carry a blackberrry or iPod.  The pouch is very secure too - no bouncing, etc.  So check out SPIbelt if you've been looking for something to carry small items while you exercise - there's even a water resistant SPIbelt!

I'll leave you all with a picture I took during a recent thunderstorm.  The pic. didn't turn out all that great so I edited it a bit.  Here are the results:

Have a wonderful first week of August!  Where did the summer go???



  1. That looks perfect for running! I would like one for my sister who runs a lot!

  2. I need a SPIbelt...I always end up running with my keys, cell phone and Ipod in hand (and it isn't pretty!) Thanks for the review and the pictures of some yummy eats (I think your banana soft serve looks delicious!)

  3. SPIbelts sound perfect. It's always so hard to figure out where to put everything to make sure you don't lose them on a run.

  4. Thank you so much for your great review!

  5. Man, I should have invented this! I could be rich! What a great idea.

    I also love your cottage cheese and beet combination. I am a huge fan of beets! I love them when they are pickled especially. Most people cringe when I say that!

  6. That shrimp salad looks delicious!


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