Thursday, August 19, 2010

PVC update, kale chips, and sardines

First, I want to let you all know that I'll be doing another CSN review soon!  CSN has sooo many items at great prices.  I especially love their cookware - you can get a fantastic Dutch oven among many other items.  It's hard not to get carried away ;-).

Next I want to better inform you all about PVC.  After reading this article, I was concerned.  Now, I'm not so worried because I have additional facts, including a letter from Izola.  I was told they are in the process of converting all of their shower curtains to PEVA, a recyclable plasitc, but that is not because PVC is unsafe.  Here is an excerpt from their letter:

"It (PVC) is actually only toxic upon incineration.  There's very little conclusive evidence about the effects of the fumes from vinyl.  It's definitely not pleasant but there's still debate about it's actual measured toxicity.   It's more for the fact that it's not recyclable and biodegradable that we feel the creates a significant environmental impact. It takes over 100 times more energy and resources to create PEVA so while PEVA is a better alternative, it's not the perfect solution."

I was additionally left a comment on my last post by Jessvet that is informative.  Here it is:

"Beautiful shower curtain! Regarding your concerns about PVC in shower curtains, I would not panic. The scientific validity of the study disseminated by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice is very questionable (the study referenced in the article). Even the highly respected U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has criticized this study/report which is the basis for most of the 'scare-mongering' regarding PVC's and consumer exposure. I think a more realistic concern with PVC is for workers in the actual prodution plants and populations that live near such plants that may be releasing toxic by-products into the air. There is a much higher probability of inhaling toxin concentrations of PVC and associated chemicals in these situations. I would not panic about the small amounts of vinyl chemicals released into the air in a home unless one in the habit of deliberately 'huffing' plastic fumes continually in enclosed areas. While it is always important to follow-up on safety concerns related to consumer products, one must do so using scientific method. Controlled unbiased studies showing statistically valid results are essential before the public is scared into abandoning one product for another that might be even less closely scrutinized or lead to other health concerns, like mildew and mold development with hemp or cloth shower curtain use. Further research is definitely needed, but it must be done correctly without bias. Please know I have no vested interest in the plastic industry. I just hate to see organizations that often have ulterior motives spread fear through 'studies' that fail the test of scientific validity. Take care and just enjoy your beautiful shower curtain!

Here's a web site that references some of the concerns with the PVC scare."
So the moral of the story is to do your research if you're concerned about something.  Therefore, I'll be keeping my beautful shower curtain :-).
Now for the kale chips I made!
I lined a baking pan with parchment paper, tore up some kale, sprinkled it with some salt and garlic powder, and then put on the sheet and in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15-20 min.  I think I needed to toss the kale during the baking process though because the inner pieces were still soft while the outer pieces were burnt :-(.  I enjoyed the pieces that were baked to perfection, but there weren't many like that - perhaps I just need more practice.  Also, this was the first thing I made in my new oven - how exciting!!

Guess what I had with my kale chips???  I'll show you:

Yes, those are canned sardines!  I've been wanting to try them for awhile since seeing them on a few blogs.  The first bite wasn't too bad, but then the fishy smell, slimy texture, etc. got to me.  I added ketchup and mustard and was able to finish it all, but I don't think I'll be purchasing them again... even if they are quite healthy, as explained here.

I can't wait to go the farmers' market again this Saturday!

And then classes begin on Monday!  Anyone else starting classes or getting their children ready for school?  How's it going?



  1. girlfriend, as uber healthy as that plate does not look appetizing ;) My dad and brother love sardines, but I've never been able to get past the look/smell! And you read about my kale chip experience! Did you add olive oil to your kale chips? the garlic powder is a good idea...if I ever make them again, i'll try that! funny about the shower curtain - I happen to see an eco-friendly pvc free shower curtain liner at TJ Maxx today - for 5.99, it is now mine. Thanks for the update! good luck with classes! my kids go back next week too (hence the trip to TJ Maxx!)

  2. kale chips look great! not a sardine fan even though lots of my family is

  3. I am starting classes on Wednesday...back for graduate school...and I'm both nervous and excited. It is hard to believe that school-time is here! Thanks for posting another healthy recipe...kale chips are nutritious and delicious!

  4. I just can't seem to do the kale chips. I see a lot of folks eating them on blogs, but I just... I just can't. Sigh.

  5. Sardines are meant to be eaten out of the can, not on a sandwich, my opinion anyways. Have the bread on the side, they are beauties of the sea, so good and good for you.


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