Sunday, August 15, 2010

GoLite winners!

The winners of the GoLite mesh cap giveaway are Julia and sAm!  Congrats ladies!  I've already e-mailed both of you - so just send me your info. and then I'll pass it on to GoLite :-).

I wish I could post more now, but I've just got sooo much to do in preparation for classes and my new job (job begins tomorrow and classes next week!).  I'll definitely try to post more soon though - I've got some interesting pictures to share ;-). 

It also doesn't help that I've decided to forgo wireless internet in my new apartment... so I have to head to the local library or somewhere on campus in order to blog, read blogs, and do other stuff online too of course.  It'll definitely be hard since I'm more or less addicted to the internet - but perhaps it'll be good for me?? 

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!



  1. Congratulations on starting your new job! I think that less time on the internet can often be a very good thing

  2. well, I would definitely get more done without internet!! however, i would also go through withdrawal :) Good luck with your new job and classes! I remember those days...gosh, I feel old.


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