Saturday, July 10, 2010

Recipes and Kitty Pictures

Before I share a couple recipes, I'll let you know how my RAGBRAI training is going.  Yesterday morning I went for my longest ride so far - a 24 mile bike ride starting at 6am... and it went beautifully!  I love early rides as the sun is just coming up over the horizon :-).  I even saw some wildlife including baby ducks, bright blue birds, and a deer.  I wasn't even that sore afterwards, partly thanks to the fact that I chose a VERY flat course - my next long ride will be more hilly ;-).

My first recipe is for black bean burgers... which I'll admit weren't the best... or the worst... they were just all right.  Here's a picture of one I had on a salad topped with salsa and ketchup.  The ketchup was the better topping of the two ;-).

Here's the recipe and nutrition data!

I also made some good homemade granola.  Here's the final product:

And here's the recipe and nutritional data - again courtesy of!

And now for my kitty pictures :-).

Look at all that FUR!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone AND don't forget to enter my 2 giveaways here and here!  There aren't many entries yet, so your odds of winning are pretty high :-).


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