Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Newman's Own Organics!

It's time to share more reviews of the complimentary Newman's Own Organics products I recevied to review on my blog :-).

Fig Newmans (Great name if I say so myself!)

9 of 10.  Soft, chewy, and fresh with a great texture.  It definitely reminded me of a Fig Newton with the sweet gooey inside!  My family agreed that they tasted like Fig Newtons.

Hermits: Original

8.5 of 10.  I liked that these didn't have the sugar sprinkled on top.  Still, they were quite sweet with a strong, rich molasses flavor.  They were soft, fresh, and chewy and absolutely loaded with raisins - maybe too many, but that's just my opinion :-).

Now for Newman's Own Organics 2 versions of "crack" (at least for me!!)...

Barbeque Soy Crisps

9 of 10.  Yeah, they're like crack, but I still wasn't happy with the amount of sodium they contained :-(.  Otherwise they had a great BBQ flavor, were quite crispy and crunchy, and were slower to dissolve than the cheddar flavored ones.  And the protein's an added bonus!

Chocolate Newman-O's

10 of 10!!  Seriously, these were way too tasty - it has to be some sort of crime to make a cookie taste so good ;-).  These were rich with 2 crispy, crunchy chocolate cookies sandwiching a creamy, smooth, and sweet chocolate filling.  The 2 distinct chocolate flavors melded together to make a great combo that delighted my tastebuds! 

Most of these Newman-O's were consumed with homemade nutbutter (pictured below) on top... which made them even more sinfully delicious!

A pretty picture I took of a yellow rose in my parents' yard:

Have a fabulous Sunday!



  1. I have had both the fig newmans and the chocolate sandwich cookies, and I must agree, so so good!

  2. yum, I'm sad I ate all those products within like the first week :)

  3. newmans own seriously hooks people up! their hermits are to. die. for. and SUPER addictive


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