Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy National Running Day!

Yep, today is National Running Day, and I had no idea until I saw it mentioned on some other blogs.  I think it's a great idea though, and I'll be going for my own run later this afternoon :-).

I've got more Newman's Own Organics reviews for you all too!  Remember that they provide: "'Great tasting food that happens to be organic.' (That's what we kept in mind when we created our products.) We focus on the kinds of products we loved as kids, but take them one step further by using the highest quality of available organic ingredients."  Yay!

White Cheddar Soy Crisps

8.5 of 10. Very cheddary, but a bit too salty for my tastes.  Light, airy, and crispy.  They melt in your mouth a bit quickly.  Still, they're a great alternative to rice crisps since they have the extra protein!

Mom: They were a bit bland and like puffed rice cereal

Dad: Like me, he thought they dissolved too quickly.

Champion Chip Cookies: Orange Chocolate Chip

9.5 of 10.  I'll admit I was skeptical of the mix of orange and chocolate, but I was pleasantly surprised!  There was a strong orange aroma, but the orange flavor wasn't too strong - it was perfect!  The cookies were light, crispy, and crunchy and didn't dissolve like the chocolate chocolate chip flavor.  The chocolate chips were amazing and they were big!

Brother: 8 of 10. "That's good sh**"  But then he saw they were organic, which is something he personally doesn't support, so that turned him off.  He thought the chocolate was great and enjoyed the crunch.  He also thought the texture was a bit crumbly.

Mom: 8 of 10.  Too much orange taste for me.  The texture was okay.

Dad: 9 of 10.  Better than I thought (he was skeptical of the orange/chocolate mix too!).  Good crunch!

Salted Sticks Pretzels

9 of 10.  Crispy and crunchy with a good texture and a good pretzel flavor.  A tad too salty for my liking, but ok for a pretzel. 

Mom: 9 of 10. It tastes like a typical pretzel stick.  I wish there was less sodium.

Now, I know Newman's Own Organics products are expensive, but they do actually have some decent coupons on their website here.  You can use them and feel a bit better about splurging :-).
And now for some homemade nut butter I made recently with my relatively new Cuisinart Food Processor.  It's a mix of walnuts and almonds!

Yum is all I can say!  I'm looking forward to trying all sorts of nut combinations.


  1. Ha I was taking a little running hiatus for a couple of weeks and today I had the running bug! I guess my body knew it was national running day...good thing that I did it =)

    I never tried a newmans product...I need to check them out

  2. damn it, i need a food processor so i can make nut butters!! yours look deliciousssss

  3. I bet the walnuts gave the nut butter an incredible flavor.

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