Friday, February 5, 2010

Krema and Crazy Richard's CRUNCHY Peanut Butter Review

You knew it was coming ;-). I broke open my crunchy Krema PB (courtesy of Nanette at where they sell Krema and Crazy Richard's PB in addition to many other goodies!). This was actually kind of new to me since I haven't had crunchy PB for about 2yrs. or so. I haven't been that impressed with it in the past, but I have a different outlook now :-). Here's my review of Krema Crunchy Peanut Butter:

I give it a 9 out of 10 too, equal to the creamy version. I was super impressed by the amount of peanut pieces there were, which did make it a bit difficult to stir in the oil. It was worth it for that satisfying crunch though! And maybe it's the fact that I'm influenced by the advertisement that they use "top quality peanuts," but I'm truly convinced that they taste better than other peanuts I've had :-). Now, I'll still stick with creamy PB for some purposes like on bananas, but I really enjoyed this crunchy PB on bread. It made my PB sandwich more substantial and "meaty" - I believe I've been missing out these past couple of years! This PB was still smooth, though less so than the creamy version. It was sticky too, but I've discovered a way to help with that since it's a new and somewhat akward experience for me still. So, here's what I do: I take a lick of PB and THEN follow it with a bite of banana. The banana's moist texture captures the PB in my mouth and it goes down nice and easy. How's that for a pleasant image :-). Anyway, that's my "stickiness solution." I've found it works better than eating the bite of banana first or eating both simultaneously.

Also, just to back up my claim that their peanuts taste so darn good, here's some information you can see on their website at :

"As the oldest peanut butter company in the country, we understand the art of making peanut butter. We use only the finest #1 Runner-split peanuts from Georgia. Because we do not mask the flavor of the peanuts with any salt or sugar we must have the best tasting peanuts available. Our roasting process brings out the flavor without burning the peanuts. We then use a special unique grind that gives our peanut butter its creamy, smooth texture. We do this so that the peanut butter can be stored in the refrigerator without becoming too hard to spread."

And here are some great pics:

I'm hoping to post another review this weekend too! I wish I wasn't so busy with my classes and could post more often. I'll definitely do more this summer!

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  1. Their peanut butter is SOOO amazing! Thanks for the nice comment on my blog, you are aweosme! :)

  2. My post got eaten :(

    I love Krema! Do you have a running skirt? I want to try one but I don't know that I'd like!

  3. I actually don't have a running skirt... yet ;-). I do have a couple skorts though that I can use for light exercise and they're quite fun :-). Alos, my mom actually has a running skirt, and she loves it!

  4. Oh WOW, I want to lick that knife!! I am a huge fan of crunchy peanut butter, and the more peanutty pieces, the better. I really enjoy Smart Balance's crunchy peanut butter because it has about ten little nuts per square centimeter...haha, seriously! I actually used to prefer creamy, like you say, but now I would never go back.

  5. great reviews! I haven't tried that brand yet!


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