Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Moeben Review and Mardis Gras

Moeben is a "sportswear line created by ultra marathon runner Shannon Farar-Griefer after realizing the importance and demand of comfortable, practical and protective type clothing for the outdoor enthusiast. All Moeben products are made in the U.S.A. and tested during 100 mile ultra marathons by Moeben CEO and the Moeben running team." That's dedication to providing quality products!

Moeben UV protected arm sleeves come in a variety of colors and designs. I was especially drawn to the fact that they are UV protected since exercising outside almost always involves some sunshine.

Moeben graciously sent me two complimentary arm sleeves to review. I received eco friendly bamboo arm sleeves and pink arm sleeves (both pictured below). 

Moeben Arm Sleeves: 9.5 of 10! These sleeves are super stylish and a fantastic addition to anyone's sportswear collection. They are very comfortable, as advertised, and have served me well on chilly and warm days. The small arm pockets are very handy, though I would be careful with them. My ID fit in a pocket, but depending on your running gait, I wouldn't trust the ID to stay inside. I will also advise you to get a size smaller than that which their charts recommend to you if want the sleeves to fit snugly. I chose medium sleeves and would choose small in retrospect.

All in all, I can honestly recommend these sleeves to any runner, biker, hiker, etc. They are both fun and functional.

To end on a festive note, I have a slice of king cake pictured below. A friend of mine gave me a piece on Mardi Gras. I'd never tried king cake before, and it was certainly rich as if for a king.

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! Happy Leap Day!

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