Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!! 1-1-11

I hope you all enjoyed ringing in the new year last night!  This is such a promising time of year.  While you can reflect on the past and make goals any time during the year, this seems to be a most appropriate time to do so.  I think it's good to occasionally look back on your past and reflect on both your achievements and failures so as to learn from them.  It's also important to take the time to express gratitude for the life you have led thus far (even if it has been far from ideal).  While the setting of New Year's Resolutions often causes people to focus on the future, it is important to break up your resolutions in such a manner that you can make little steps each day towards their fulfillment.  In this way, you'll be living in the moment - the only moment in which you can make noticeable changes :-).

As for me, my New Year's Resolutions are: to live in the moment, eat mindfully and healthfully, maintain a healthy weight and fitness level, and put forth my best effort in school and work.  Now I just need to break those up into more tangible goals and I'll be set :-).

I'd also like to share some of the lyrics to my favorite song in celebration of the New Year:

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And stay tuned for another t-shirt giveaway coming up in my next post!


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  1. You have a great perspective...and a great list of resolutions. I feel glad that I found you and your blog this year. You always bring smiles to my face. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Please have a happy and joyous week!


Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate it :-).