Saturday, July 24, 2010

RAGBRAI: Here I come!

This is just a quick, short post to let you all know that I am going to be riding the first day of RAGBRAI tomorrow!  I'll be getting up around 4:30 AM and hope to be in Sioux City, IA and on the road before 6 AM (I want to start early since it's a 68 mile ride!).  I am just SO EXCITED for this day to be here.  I've been looking forward to it all summer :-).

I'm hoping to be able to take some cool pictures to share with you all afterwards.  The weather should be just about perfect - sunny with a high of 85.  As long as my tire doesn't blow out and some other unforseeable outcome doesn't occur, I should be fine.

Oh, and I've been doing my share of carbo-loading too... but we won't go into that right now ;-).

Okay, I really should get to sleep now.  I hope you all have a great Sunday!

And just a quick question: Have any of you been training for a race or event lately?  If so, feel free to share below :-).



  1. I hope you have a restful night and a wonderful time tomorrow! I'm excited to hear about how it goes. You are inspiring!

  2. I was the support vehicle for Ragbrai husband also rode it once. Fun times! But an exhausting week! Can't wait to see all the good food you eat!

  3. 68 miles!? Holy cow! Sounds fun and exciting and exhausting!! I have never trained for anything before, but, at 38 years old - I'm going to do my 1st where near a 68 mile ride, but I'm still nervous about being able to complete it! Better late than never I guess! Hope you have a fun, safe time.

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Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate it :-).