Friday, July 16, 2010

EasyLunchbox System Giveaway Winner!!

Before I announce the winner, I want to share another giveaway with you all!  GoLite, a wonderful company with great values (like a sincere dedication to sustainability), is hosting a FABULOUS giveaway that is taking place ALL summer long:

For 93 days, GoLite is giving away their gear. You enter once here, and then you are signed up for the entire contest!  You can win anything from a $700 tent to a $300 jacket to running gear and hydration systems.  How cool is that?!

Also, I was recently given the great opportunity to review some gear from GoLite - so you can look forward to my reviews :-).

Ok, ok... now for the EasyLunchbox System winner! tells me the winner is number... 9, which means that Mo' Betta is the lucky winner!

Now I'm off on a brief vacation for the weekend, so I'll have very limited computer access.  I'll be back with the Harbinger Training Ball winner on Monday (enter the giveaway here!) and more fun posts and pics :-).
Have a wonderful weekend you all!


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  1. Wooo hoooo!! That's awesome! Have fun on your mini-vacay!


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