Friday, April 2, 2010

YouShake Review and one of my favorite combos!

One of my favorite combos is:

Banana and peanut butter :-)

Now for my YouShake review.  Here's a little info. about YouShake:

With You Shake's easy Make-a-Shake page:
  • You choose high quality ingredients such as freeze-dried fruit
  • You choose the individual portion size.
  • Your shakes are made fresh-to-order and shipped to your door with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don't love your shakes, you'll get a new box free of charge.
  • Your customized nutrition facts and your chosen shake name are printed on each shake package.
  • Friendly telephone customer support is available to answers questions and provide helpful recommendations.
You can mix the YouShake with water, milk, or juice.  You can also use it in smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal, or anything else you feel like adding it to.  I was sent 3 flavors to sample and review, and I chose to use them with oatmeal and Malt-O-Meal since I'm always looking for new ways to add flavor to my breakfast grains!

Breakfast Shake

8.5 of 10.  I'm not including the picture of this one because I mixed it with dry oatmeal and water in a hotel room and didn't have a microwave... so it didn't mix up extremely well (which wasn't too surprising!).  I was still able to enjoy the nice, mellow chocolate flavor.  I was happy to find that it didn't taste "high protein" like some shake mixes can. 

Vanilla Dream

8 of 10.  Great vanilla aroma, but the flavor itself wasn't as strong as I would have liked.  It mixed in well with the Malt-O-Meal that I was able to cook in a microwave :-).

Blended Bliss

9.5 of 10.  Fabulous strawberry banana flavor!  I really enjoyed the little bits of strawberries, especially since I wasn't really expecting them :-).  It worked wonderfully in my Malt-O-Meal.

Overall, the YouShakes were decent except for the Blended Bliss that blew me away.  Therefore, while some of their flavors may not be that exceptional, you should be able to make one that you like.  Besides, they offer a satisfaction guarantee, so you can't really go wrong even if you do get a flavor that you don't enjoy.

I'm also pretty sure that you can all still receive a 5% discount on an order through YouBar if you use my discount code “FoodFotos”.

And.... the flowers are blooming on campus at Iowa State!  I was so excited that I took a couple pictures for you.

I hope you all have a great Easter if you celebrate it, and if not, have a wonderful first weekend of April!

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  1. that's definitely one of my fave combos too. we have those same bowls at work, haha

  2. Interesting custom shakes! I didn't go to their web site yet, so tell me, are you supposed to mix the powder with water, milk, or what?? Did you just for fun mix it with malto meal and oatmeal? ...or do they suggest that? Just curious. I like the cute little flowers! THINK SPRING!!

  3. Thanks for the questions Jess! I just updated the post to address them :-)

  4. hey girlie!! youshake looks delicious and convenient! did you get to choose your flavors? I agree PB+Banana was a combo made in heaven...soooo delicious!
    have a great weekend chica!

  5. Gorgeous flowers!

    Those youshakes look really interesting. I imagine they would be great for some fuel on the go! :) I love peanut butter and banana, too!

    Happy Easter!

  6. Those YouShakes look pretty fun and yummy!

  7. What a great idea for shakes! We had something kinda similar to thicken up wine to slushes. Similar idea, anyways. We loved it!

  8. That's so cool...but haha, they dfeinitely do NOT look attractive! I wonder what my friends will say when I come up with a tupperware of that for snack! HEe hee hee....

  9. Sounds interesting! There are a lot of companies like this now, it seems. Especially with the granola companies that now have you make your own. So the strawberry and bananas was your favorite?? Sounds good to me!


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