Thursday, April 8, 2010

Luna Bar Review and Pictures

I am absolutely loving the spring weather here in Iowa.  Sure, there's been some rain and wind, but it's MUCH better than winter!  I've been enjoying every minute of my outside runs and am hoping the summer heat holds off until the end of May... we'll see ;-).

A while back I received 3 Luna Bar flavors to review from Clif Bar and Company.  Here's my review of them:

Chocolate Peppermint Stick

9.5 of 10.  I loved the mint chocolate flavor of this bar!  The peppermint icing was sweet, and the delicate crunch of the bar (with oats and soy rice crisps) was perfect.  This is a great treat for chocolate lovers... and maybe even non-chocolate lovers.

Caramel Nut Brownie

8.5 of 10.  Very pretty bar with good consistency and crunch.  It had a delicious chocolate icing and a decent brownie flavor too, but I would have liked the caramel flavor to be a bit stronger.  A few more nuts would have been nice too :-).

Nutz Over Chocolate

9 of 10. I loved the chocolate iced bottom and the wonderfully crunchy texture.  You can't really go wrong with PB and chocolate, but I would have liked the PB flavor to be a bit more pronounced.  Larger peanut chunks would be nice too, but maybe I'm getting too picky ;-).

I'd definitely recommend Luna Bars as a tasty, healthy snack.  There are lots of flavors to choose from too!

And I can't leave without sharing some more beautiful pictures with you all!  The following are from my spring break trip to Indiana University in Bloomington.  It is seriously the most beautiful campus you'll ever see!!

Are you all enjoying some fabulous spring weather too?  What activities have you been taking outside now that the weather is warming up? 

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  1. choc peppermint is one of my faves--i haven't tried the other two YET!

  2. Love the U of Indiana photos! I think Luna's chocolate peppermint stick bar sounds super yummy! I, too, am loving spring in Iowa!

  3. I can't believe I've never had a Luna bar...I see them all the time in the store, but have never tried one!

  4. I have actually never had a Luna bar! The chocolate peppermint sounds JUST up my alley. I'll keep an eye out for it!

    YAY IU! Gosh, I miss it so much. I never even dreaded the 15-20 minutes I'd walk to was just so beautiful!

  5. oh I haven't tried those flavors- great review!

  6. I've never been to IU but it does look pretty! Almost as pretty as the University of Illinois ;) Go Illini! :)

    Luna really has stepped up their game, those bars all look fabulous. As do their nutrition facts!

    I've been doing the whole gardening thing as you know. Hubby just said I got quite a bit of sun yesterday. I was planting for over 3 hours in the heat of the afternoon, so I shouldn't be surprised!

  7. I love the choco peppermint lunas too! Did you get my email about the Iowa Blogger meetup? Hope you can make it girlfriend :)

  8. I agree, the Indiana U. campus is very pretty! Are you thinking of going there? Or were you visiting a friend?

    I have only ever tried the Nutz over Chocolate Luna bar, but I want to try the chocolate peppermint stick now!! Thanks for the review.

  9. My fave is the white chocolate macademia nut one. Yum! And S'mores. :)

  10. I love Luna Bar-especially considering they are made for women-I am not familiar with the caramel flavor.


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