Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ice Cream for Spring

Hello!  The warmer weather has been making me crave ice cream lately.  The vanilla soft serve (with peanuts!) from the ISU cafeteria has become my favorite go-to dessert lately as you can see below.  And, yes it is a small serving... but it's just enough to satisfy my sweet tooth on a daily basis :-).

As for the ISU campus, the bushes are 'a budding!  Soon there will be blooming flowers and trees too - which means some beautiful pictures to be posted here in the upcoming month.  Stay tuned!!

That's all I have for now.  I'm super busy with school work, but summer will be here before I know it!  Best of luck to all my fellow students (and graduating seniors!) out there.



  1. Spring has sprung! Happy graduation!

  2. How jealous am I of that soft serve?! When I was a freshman in college, I got soft serve at LEAST once a day. I many times in your life will soft serve be "free" for the taking?!

    Good luck with all of your school work...won't be long 'til you're all finished!

  3. Yay, spring has arrived! :D

    I love a little sweet treat every now and then, too :)

    Good luck with your work!!

  4. Please bring me some of that ice cream but don't tell any one lol. :] Good luck with your school stuff!


  5. Mmm I love ice cream! :) I'm so glad it's warmed up so I can not freeze while eating it!

  6. Beautiful! Both spring and soft serve :)

    Graduation so soon....:)


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