Saturday, April 17, 2010

Aurorae Yoga Review

If you were to tell me two years ago that I'd be an avid yoga lover and practicer today, I would've laughed.  I was obsessed with aerobic activities like running and kickboxing.  I'd tried yoga a couple times but it wasn't "real" exercise becuase it was too slow.  Not to mention that I was discouraged by the flexibility of everyone else in the classes.  I didn't feel liked I belonged. 

Now it's a different story, and I LOVE yoga!  I started it up this January in the hopes that doing some relaxing moves before bed would help me sleep.  It worked (usually)!  I would watch 10 minute or longer videos on YouTube or use some of the workouts at  These videos have persuaded me that regardless of my flexibility, yoga can still be beneficial to me.  Of course, the more I practice, the more flexible I become :-). 

Now, since I was just starting up yoga and doing it in the comfort of my dorm room, I hadn't purchased a yoga mat.  Instead I just did the poses on the carpet-like rug in my room.  It sufficed, but I longed for something better. 

Along comes Aurorae Yoga!!!  I was generously offered the chance to review a great package from them including a yoga mat, yoga sport sweat towel, and a slip free rosin bag!  I was sooo excited when the package arrived a couple days ago! 

First, I want to share the owner's statement from Dennis Ingui with you.  You can find it in addition to lots of other information on their website - which has amazing background music by the way, so you should check it out ;-).

"I started this company from the passion I developed for yoga over the past nine years. Being a cancer survivor since 2001, I needed an outlet in my life to help build my body as well as develop inner peace for my mind. Yoga has helped accomplish both these goals for me while also making many new friends and energizing me with a positive and balanced attitude toward life."

That's a wonderful statement if you ask me.  I am also a big fan of Dennis Ingui's close to his statement:

"Remember, "it's your yoga" so don't be intimidated or uncomfortable." 

That is a very important reminder that I can never hear enough!

Here is the package I received:

Above you can see the different colors their yoga mats come in.  I am very happy with my pink "Hope" mat :-)

Here it is all rolled out on top of the rug I previously used for my nightly practice.

I give the yoga mat a 10 of 10!  It is thick, soft, easy to grip, and LONG!  It's also machine washable and made with eco-friendly material.  The focal point icon is very helpful when trying to maintain balance.  Suffice it to say that I am very happy with this yoga mat!

The yoga sport sweat towel and slip free rosin bag also get 10's.  The towel, machine washable too (of course!), is soft and absorbant.  It also has beautiful embroidery!  The slip free rosin bag was new to me, but I thought it worked quite well.  I'm not sure how long it's supposed to last, but I'll definitely be keeping it in the plastic ziploc bag so as to increase its life as they suggest.  Using the bag helped me to grip the mat, and it kept my hands from slipping.  I also like the fact that it is odor-free.

Now.... Aurorae Yoga wasn't just generous to me... they're also allowing me to host a GIVEAWAY on their behalf!!  Stay tuned for that in the coming week ;-).

Some flower pictures as promised:

Have a wonderful week!  And don't forget to check out Aurorae Yoga :-).

Also, if you have the chance, please head over The Candid RD's blog to help take a stand again Slim Fast's recent contradictory weight loss claim!

Prevention RD has also posted about the ad:

If you take a quick survey here:  then you'll be entered in a giveaway!



  1. Hi! Great post...I have only done yoga once (as I too am a "running and kickboxing" kinda girl), but I've always heard such great things about yoga. When I tried it out, I found it to be very boring and couldn't understand how it was an actual "workout". I think I'm ready to give it another try soon...I would really like to get into it!
    Aurorae Yoga sounds like a great company- love the owner's statement!
    Thanks for the info!
    Have a great day,
    Vanessa from Optimal Optimist

  2. Wow! I just want to get with yoga today after your review! The mat looks great and appears real long which is a BIG plus if you're tall like me! Thanks for the spring pictures too!

  3. What a wonderful mat! It makes practice so much more enjoyable to have a comfortable, slip-free mat :)

    Love the flowers!

  4. awesome review! That yoga mat looks fabulous! I would so love one! My yoga mat is awful!


  5. I am loving yoga, too :) I really appreciate you getting the word out on that Slim Fast ad. Your mom, too. I also sent them an email with my $0.02!

  6. I am similar to you in that if you were to have told me 5 years ago that I'd be doing yoga, I would have laughed in your face! I am not completely into it yet, as I have only done it on Exercise TV, but I am saving my money to join a gym that does classes. I need to expand my yoga knowledge!

    Thanks for the link to my blog. I still can't get over that ad. thankfully I have yet to see it on tv.

    Enjoy your new yoga mat and sweat towel! haha, that sounded funny...

  7. That mat sounds great and the nonslip bag sounds really interesting! I'll definitely have to check them out & be on the look out for the giveaway!

    Also, it doesn't look like you did the main entry for the soda maker; leaving a comment with what flavor you'd most like to try. I just want to make sure you others count!

  8. oh i really need to do more yoga its so nice Rebecca

  9. Yoga is so something I need to get into! I am always saying that... I realllly do. I am very sore from yesterdays Body Pump class today so maybe tonight really should be my night. :)

    - Beth @

  10. I'm so with you for the whole Yoga thing. I used to hate it and think it was pointless but now I'm ADDICTED!!

  11. Awesome review!!! Can't wait for the giveaway :-)


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