Friday, March 5, 2010

YouBar Review and Creative Blogger Award

I did a YouTrailMix review not too long ago, and now it is time for my actual YouBar review.  I must again thank Joel from YouBar for supplying me with the samples :-).  Here's a little info. about YouBars that I borrowed from their site at

  • You choose the ingredients and the bar size.

  • You view the nutrition facts of your energy bar while you are creating it.

  • Your box of bars is hand made fresh-to-order and shipped to your door with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don't love your bars, you'll get a new box free of charge.

  • Your customized nutrition facts and your chosen bar name are printed on each individual bar package.

  • Friendly telephone customer support is available to answers questions and provide helpful recommendations.
Sounds nice, right?!  Anyway, here are my reviews of the three flavors I was sent.

Honey Cashew

Honey Cashew = 8.5 of 10.  I loved the smooth creamy outside and the nice crunchy inside.  The inside was a little powdery (which I thought was a little unusual), but I liked how it seemed to melt in my mouth.  I was also a fan of the overall flavor and thought it was a nice sweet treat for only 7g of sugar.

Breakfast Bar

Breakfast Bar = 7.5 of 10.  This bar was a combination of date and chocolate flavor with a hint of coffee.  I must say that this bar was a tad too sticky and chalky for my liking.  I was impressed that it used egg whites for its protein though - truly a breakfast bar!

Great Date with Chocolate

Great Date with Chocolate = 7 of 10.  I didn't include a pic of this actual bar since it looked exactly like the other chocolate one.  Both bars were similar, but this one had fewer ingredients and lacked the coffee.  It reminded me of a sweet brownie, but again was a little chalky and dry.  I think I could taste the whey protein too, which made it more like your typical protein bar.

Overall, the chocolate flavors didn't quite meet my expectations.  Still, I didn't actually create these flavors, for they are examples of the standard flavors that you can buy if you're not feeling particularly creative.  They have so many options, so I really think anyone could create a flavor that would appeal to them.  You just need to know your preferences :-). 

And remember that you still get a 5% discount on your order at if you use my code “FoodFotos".

In other news, I recently received my first blogger award from Ally at Sweet and Savory :-).

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave this to you.

2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.

3. Link to the person who nominated you.

4. Tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself, and at least one outrageous truth.

5. Nominate seven “Creative Writers” who might have fun coming up with outrageous lies.

6. Post links to the seven blogs you nominate.

Here I go, do you know which one is the TRUTH?

1.   I have been skydiving.

2.   I qualified for the State Cross Country and Track meets in highschool.

3.   I ran a marathon last year.

4.   I took a month-long cruise to Alaska.

5.   I can play chess blindfolded.

6.   I have a 4.00 so far for my undergraduate grade point average.

I'm sharing this fun game with:

The Candid RD

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Une Vie Saine

I'll post my "truth" sometime in the next week!  Feel free to guess in the comments below - I'd love to see what you think! 


  1. Ooh, how fun! hehe...I honestly have NO idea, #3 the truth? There's a few that seem quite plausible!

  2. thanks for the review! I might order some of these.

  3. Thanks for the award!!! Woot!! :D

    I bet #2 is the truth! All of them sound pretty awesome! Especially if you could play chess blindfolded! Talk about awesome. lol

  4. I've tried those before! So delicious (but expensive!!)

  5. I never tried those bars before. Thanks for the review

    Have a fabulous weekend!!!


  6. I am not really a bar eater, but I love the idea that you can customize your very own "You Bar." Think my favorite would be that honey cashew too :)

  7. That's too bad that you were overall dissapointed in the flavors you tried but I LOVE the idea of creating your own bar :) Too cool!

  8. that white bar is so creepy looking. I'm surprised it was so good. Don't judge a book.....

  9. Thank you, Ashley! I'm so flattered!

    I think you can play chess blindfolded!!! How awesome would that be!!


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