Saturday, December 22, 2012

Mara's Pasta Giveaway Winner!

Drum roll please....... The winner of the wonderful package of pasta from Mara's Pasta is Kammy! She is a fellow blogger, so feel free to check out her site here:

Are you all done with your Christmas shopping? Making preparations for a trip to see family? Whatever you are doing to celebrate the holidays, I wish you all the best! Enjoy your time with family, friends, and good food!

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  1. I'm a saver, I like to save things for a "special" time. But I decided I the other night was as good as any to cook up a box of Mara's Pasta. Thanks SO MUCH for the opportunity to win the gift box of Pasta - SOOOOOOOOOOOO YUMMY!!!!!!!!! It's no exaggeration that it's THE BEST! :)


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