Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Izola Shower Curtain Review

You all know I'm in my new apartment, which means some decorating of course ;-).  I'm grateful to have gotten one of my "decorations" for free from Izola.  I was sent one of their beautiful shower curtains to review.  They have a stylish collection with popular themes like world destinations, subway maps and eco-friendly shower curtains. I chose to review the Foliage Shower Curtain.  Here it is in my bathroom:

10 of 10!  That was my initial review anyways...  I LOVE the design, the size, and the quality, BUT I am afraid to have discovered that PVC shower curtains are potentially toxic, as referenced in this article.  This particular shower curtain is 100% PVC with nickel plated grommets :-(.  Izola does offer eco-friendly shower curtains that are 100% PEVA, and now I'm wishing I got one of those instead... since I fear I may have to get rid of this one because of health concerns.  I will sorely miss it even though I've only had it for about a week.  I'll contact Izola and let you know what they have to say.

Stay tuned for my kale chip experience and another new food I recently tried!

P.S. Yesterday was my first run in Champaign and I loved it!  The streets are so beautiful - some are even brick!



  1. Oh my!! Thanks for posting the article about the PVC in vinyl shower curtains. I have always used a "liner" in the kids shower, but how scary is this!! I've never given it a second makes me feel bad! That curtain will be coming down tomorrow. Always something to worry about!

  2. I need a shower curtain...and I am eying these now. And yes...the threat of PVC is scary. Thank you for sharing.

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  4. Beautiful shower curtain! Regarding your concerns about PVC in shower curtains, I would not panic. The scientific validity of the study disseminated by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice is very questionable. Even the highly respected U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has criticized this study/report which is the basis for most of the 'scare-mongering' regarding PVC's and consumer exposure. I think a more realistic concern with PVC is for workers in the actual prodution plants and populations that live near such plants that may be releasing toxic by-products into the air. There is a much higher probability of inhaling toxin concentrations of PVC and associated chemicals in these situations. I would not panic about the small amounts of vinyl chemicals released into the air in a home unless one in the habit of deliberately 'huffing' plastic fumes continually in enclosed areas. While it is always important to follow-up on safety concerns related to consumer products, one must do so using scientific method. Controlled unbiased studies showing statistically valid results are essential before the public is scared into abandoning one product for another that might be even less closely scrutinized or lead to other health concerns, like mildew and mold development with hemp or cloth shower curtain use. Further research is definitely needed, but it must be done correctly without bias. Please know I have no vested interest in the plastic industry. I just hate to see organizations that often have ulterior motives spread fear through 'studies' that fail the test of scientific validity. Take care and just enjoy your beautiful shower curtain!
    Oh, here's a web site that references some of the concerns with the PVC scare:

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