Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cold Days in Iowa

It has been downright chilly and wet in Iowa lately.  Highs have barely been reaching 50 degrees!  Next week will be sunny and in the 80s again though, and I'm looking forward to it!  Great running and biking weather if I say so myself.  Now for some of the meals I've had over the past couple of days:

Natural peanut butter and sliced banana on whole wheat bread with some unsweetened almond milk on the side (I think I'd like sweetened better if I'm going to drink it plain)

Green smoothie with chia seeds on top, corn, and a peeled carrot :-)

Green smoothie with unsweetened almond milk, frozen banana, thawed frozen spinach, and chia seeds on top.  An egg on the side for some added protein.


Salad greens with crumbled hamburger, salsa, and Mrs. Dash seasoning.

Wow - I have to say that even these simple meals are better than what I usually got at my school's cafeteria.  You definitely can't beat green smoothies and chia seeds, and I'm having fun mixing up the ingredients in them too!  More cooked and prepared meals to come...



  1. Getting away from cafeteria food is bliss- just being able to select EXACTLY what you want to put on your plate instead of having someone else do it for you is great. Doesn't matter how simple!

  2. I do not miss cafeteria food, that's for sure!! I love chia seeds...I need to find some! Our Whole Foods is always out! They are a hot item!!


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